Informed by an analysis of our achievements, challenges, and lessons of the past strategic,the changes and trends in the operating environment, and our internal capacities, we prioritize to work on the following strategic themes in the period 2016-2020:

  • Human Rights
  • Governance
  • Access to Justice
  • International Justice
  • The Closing Civic Space.

Human Rights

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Strategic Objective

To promote and protect the observance of human rights in Kenya and around Africa

Strategic Responses

  • Promote accountability for human rights violations
  • Build citizens capacities to demand the upholding of human rights
  • Strengthen capacities of state and non-governmental actors to uphold human rights
  • Monitor observance of fundamental freedoms

How we work

We strengthen our advocacy efforts through the application of a number of other approaches including research, coalition building, litigation, partnerships development, capacity building, and awareness creation.