Success Stories

10 Mar 2016 09:46 - Super User
ICJ KENYA First Runner Up At CSOYA 2011

ICJ Kenya emerged as the overall first runners up of the 2011 Civil Society of the Year Award (CSOYA). The event was held at The Nairobi Safari Club at Lilian Towers on Wednesday December 14, 2011. The [ ... ]

10 Mar 2016 09:44 - Super User

 ICJ-Kenya with the support of the European Union has been involved in a project (Initiative of holistic rehabilitation and prevention of torture) between 2009 and 2012.  About 50 cases were identified [ ... ]

09 Mar 2016 09:58 - Super User
Reflections on Justice in the Eastern Africa region

Since its inception, there has been a great deal of prognostication about the role and goals of the International Criminal Court – ICC, increasing backlash against the ICC at African Union meetings [ ... ]