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Category: Reports

Final Communiqué of the 60th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Created 23-May-2017   191.84 KB   1,913 Downloads

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2014-2015 Impact report

ICJ Kenya 2014 - 2015 Impact Report

Created 06-Mar-2017   10.53 MB   2,799 Downloads

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The G8 Open Data Charter

The Open Data Charter signed by the G8 members aims to ensure that government data is made freely available in an effort to spur both transparency and innovation.

Created 09-Jun-2016   306.96 KB   5,843 Downloads

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2013 Impact Report

Created 03-Apr-2016   5.11 MB   3,671 Downloads

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Civil Society Statement during the Public Session of the 57th Session of Committee On Economic Social and Cultural Rights Review of Kenya

Created 03-Apr-2016   81.04 KB   2,885 Downloads

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Kenya: County Budgets 2013-2014

The Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) according to the commission’s Chair Micah Serem, the budget summary of all the 47 counties in Kenya contains data on intergovernmental transfers by county, revenue generated at county level and expenditure estimates.

Created 09-Jun-2013   1020.63 KB   6,373 Downloads

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Pre-Election Report: September 2012 - February 2013

The JWCEP has undertaken extensive training of judges, magistrates and other judicial staff in order to enhance capacity of the judiciary to handle the numerous disputes anticipated after the March 2013 elections. This training seeks to expose judicial officers to electoral law and practice in anticipation of their role in the electoral dispute resolution process. This training has proved to be crucial in the determination of cases touching on the electoral process throughout the country.

The JWCEP is cognisant of the fact that people are at the heart of any quest for justice. The publication of this report is one such effort to keep the public informed of its work in preparing the Judiciary for elections.

Created 05-Feb-2013   3.16 MB   5,184 Downloads

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In the Spirit of Harambee | Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Kenya

This report is published by The Equal Rights Trust (ERT), in partnership with the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

Created 09-Jun-2012   1.99 MB   6,188 Downloads

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Freedom of Information and Data Protection Report

Created 09-Jun-2011   743.19 KB   5,710 Downloads

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Banjul Hearing report - ICJ Kenya v Kenya Communication No 385 of 2010.

Created 09-Jun-2010   378.08 KB   4,857 Downloads

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