Minnie Mang'eli

Administrative Manager

Minnie Mang’eli is the Administrative Manager charged with the day to day administrative operations and human resources management of the Organisation.  Minnie has over fifteen years’ experience working closely with the leadership and programme management teams in the implementation and delivery of the organizational strategic goals and objectives.  Minnie has developed over ten policy and procedure documents that have continued to guide the operations of the organization.

Minnie holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from Anglia Ruskin University, UK.  She holds a Degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Business Administration from the Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK.  She has attended Professional courses in Management of NGOs, Strategic Human Resource Management and Financial Management at the MS Training Centre for Development (MSTDC) in Arusha, the Foundation of International Development, Africa (FIDA) in Swaziland and CORAT Africa. Minnie has a keen interest in Organizational Development in its entirety.